FINDER Start-Up Weekend Panelist Bios

Below, you can find a brief summary of each panelist as well as a direct link to their LinkedIn page. Panel composition is subject to change up to and during the event.

Mike Schavemaker | Innovation Transformation Lead, Phillips, The Netherlands

Mike specializes in the design, organization and execution of enterprise digital innovation transformation, which includes creating organizations, ecosystems, partnerships and teams for growth. Mike brings the coaching perspective of a large-scale technology and innovation firm that endeavors to create enduring partnerships with promising startups, which may be of interest to entrepreneurs aiming for a collaborative future. 

Rick Aalbers | Associate Professor of Strategy, Radboud University, The Netherlands

As the principal investigator of the FINDER project and a visiting scholar at, among others, the Tokyo Institute of Technology and Imperial College London, Rick’s research interests include interfirm collaboration and business model development for high-tech industries. From this perspective, Rick provides coaching insights based on his own research, his collaborators’ research, and his parallel career as a consultant. 

Jeroen van Oerle | Global Fintech Portfolio Manager, Lombard Odier Investment Managers

Jeroen is a CFA with a history of managing successful fintech equity portfolios as well as Vice Chairman of the Board of M3 Holdings, a tripartite fintech/blockchain holdings company. From this perspective, Jeroen provides coaching points to help startups position themselves for a future of lucrative acquisitions. 

Charles Orr | Investor, Mosaic

Charles began his own startup at the intersection of software, international development, and defense. Having then moved on to work on scaling-oriented special projects at the C-level for Revolut, Charles is now an investor at Mosaic, where he scouts for innovative and promising ideas at the fulcrum of viable business. From this perspective, Charles can coach startups towards in-house activities needed to make their business more outwardly attractive to potential institutional investors.

Hang Kei Ho | Lecturer & Researcher, University of Helsinki

Hang is a multidisciplinary scholar who has worked in academic positions in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. He has lectured across the fields of Asian Studies, Business Management, Development Studies, Economic Geography, Public Health and Sociology. He previously worked in IT, engineering and real estate consultancy. His work on global capital flow, consumer behaviour and globalization provides a wealth of insight for entrepreneurs seeking to go beyond the European market. Moreover, his current work in luxury management and sustainability can provide entrepreneurs with a unique understanding of how to mitigate obstacles when moving into emerging or high-barrier markets. 

Frederik Kerling | Head of Fintech, Atos

Alongside his work on helping to build Atos’ quantum capabilities, Frederik works to build communities of fintech startups to advance Atos’ client portfolios, trading their niche capabilities for large client exposure. From this perspective, Frederik can coach startups through what it takes to be attractive market participants and to secure lucrative deals with large firms. 

Serge Enneman | Partner, Nicoya Capital BV

Serge Enneman is a Partner at Nicoya Capital, an investment boutique active in the pre-IPO space. From this position, Serge scouts for promising startups to not only provide working capital to, but also to participate in on a continuous basis, using his network, expertise, and those of Nicoya Capital to offer advice on structure or strategy. Startups may therefore find a lasting working relationship with Serge if they bring their A-game to the workshop.