From Rule of Thumb to Data Science-

Using to discover the world’s most promising companies!

How do you select the potential high-tech startups or investors in Europe? Still, use the rule of thumb? Have you tried the data platform? is a global data platform for intelligence on startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems and investment strategies. was founded in 2013, out of an itch to bring business information systems to the 21st century. It is based in Amsterdam and while it offers global data, Dealroom’s distinctive strength is the quality of its data on companies in Europe. A continent characterised by many different languages, many local startup ecosystems and a fast developing venture capital climate.

As an entrepreneurship scholar and data lover, I have tried to use many global data platforms to study the relationships between venture capital firms and their early-stage European startups. As of now, I am sure the is one of the best data platforms for you to try greater access to deal flow. The final investment decision making is driven by integrating human insight with machine-learning-based models.  If you are interested in this great resource, please visit