Track #3 – Jonas Geisen

Research Stream: Alternative business models in digital ecosystems

Jonas Geisen is a PhD Fellow whose research focuses on the characteristics of alternative business models in digital ecosystems, in particular FinTechs. He is motivated to expand the knowledge on how companies can sustainably adapt to the structural changes of the digital transformation. To do this, Jonas can draw on his econometric training from his Bachelor’s degree at Friedrich Schiller University, where he specialised in Innovation & Change. His quantitative background is complemented by experience in experimental economic research as well as behavioural science acquired during his Master’s degree in Behaviour & Policy at Radboud University. In between his academic tracks, Jonas worked for PwC, where he spent two years conducting projects in private sector and technology consulting. During this time, he gained experience in project management and process analysis. Both are assets for his research, as they increase the access and understanding of the structures and individuals in the financial industry who are facing the digital transformation by creating and applying alternative business models.
As part of the FINDER team per November 1st, 2020, Jonas is looking forward to working at the intersection of science and business to make academic research tangible for practical applications in business.