Track #5 – Ami Xiaolei Wang

Research Stream: Effective strategies and policies for enhanced social payoff, during and after digital transformation

Ms Ami Xiaolei Wang is a PhD fellow in FINDER stream with a focus on effective strategies for enhanced social payoff under digital transformation. With this research stream, Ami Xiaolei hopes to add to the empirical understanding of how to design and implement new financial technologies from a sustainability perspective, while bringing massive benefits to the whole society in general. Ami Xiaolei’s research interest lies at the intersection of technological innovation and strategy, especially in the context of social benefits through Financial technology (‘fintech’). Ami Xiaolei will delve into the integrative approach to FinTech sustainable innovation strategies and study how to develop sustainable strategies in keeping with organisations could benefit society, during and after a digital transformation. She draws methods from statistical machine learning, applied econometrics, data science, and social network analysis in her research. Ami Xiaolei’s education includes a Master of Science degree in Economics from the Texas A&M University as well as a Master degree in Finance from the Smith School of Business of Queen’s University. Prior to her study in the United States, she worked as a senior financial analyst for a leading biological company in China where she developed a strong interest in financial technology for future sustainable development.

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