FINDER introduction training at Atos Amstelveen

Training at Atos Amstelveen March 28th, 2019

A summary report of the FINDER Introduction training at Atos Amstelveen on March 28th, 2019 by Tze Yeen Liew – PhD student

On the 28th of March, the FINDER cohort convened at the ATOS premises at Amstelveen to discuss – amongst others – the intersections between the company’s interests and the FINDER research themes. The meeting was also held with the intention of introducing ATOS fintech stakeholders with core members of the research group.

Training at Atos Amstelveen March 28th, 2019

Upon arrival, Mr Remco Neutenboom and Jerry Norman cordially invite the attendees; Dr. Phillip Tuertscher, Mr S. James Ellis, Dr Rick Aalbers, Dr Saeed Khanangha, Ms Tze Yeen Liew, Mr Jonas Röttger and Ms Linda Buis to lunch at the cafeteria before commencing with introductions. As the attendees happily savour on a variety of Dutch and Mediterranean delectables, Remco officiates the meeting by initiating an ice-breaking session, detailing highlights of his life and career before passing the baton to others in the room.

After introductions, Remco and Jerry commence with an insightful presentation on ATOS and its recent undertakings in the midst proliferating FinTech industry. Remco proudly elucidates on ATOS’s positioning as a fintech itself, while stressing on its core mission as a fintech service integrator on behalf of its clients. Jerry also draws attention to Atos’ mission critical credentials: through a variety of strategic acquisitions ATOS has accumulated under its belt an arsenal of fintech IPs including pickings in cybersecurity and computing. As a service, it helps its clients which are often older, more established financial institutions, incorporate disruptive financial technology into their operations. The company achieves by scouting, engaging, scaling and de risking promising fintech fledglings to bolster the chances of a successful partnership. From this tangent, Remco links it to the company’s hopes for FINDER project and the resultant knowledge: to help it refine its fintech services and to increase its current conversion rates for successful fintech partnerships.

Moving on to the other side of the table, Rick briefly elaborates on the five core streams of the FINDER project before encouraging attendees to field interesting ideas that synergises both its research themes and ATOS’ fintech operations. He passes on the floor to Tze Yeen, who gives a brief yet dense presentation on recent trends in the FinTech industry. She explains that fintechs have begun to take on banks by becoming more like them through a variety of means:

  • Payment and non-payment FinTechs are launching their own debit cards in a big to access customer deposit and thus, increasing their liquidity Maturing
  • FinTechs are diversifying their revenue stream beyond their core product in efforts to rake in more profits from a maturing customer base who now trust in their services
  • China nabs first spot for the sheer size and quantity of fintech hubs it contains within its borders — its insufficient local financial infrastructure serves as a boon for aspiring FinTechs seeking demand to its supply
  • Unlike many other industries, an increase in regulation lowers the barrier of entry for FInTechs due to the premium put on trust and legitimacy in financial services

Mr Ivo Luyendijk graces the floor next by shedding light on the operational roots and branches of ATOS’ FinTech services: ATOS FinHub, FinNet and FinLab. Through its systematic, tripartite approach, Ivo explains that ATOS allows its clients and selected fintechs to explore how the offerings of the latter can be best combined with the operations of the former. ATOS FinNet serves as a knowledge repository for all things FinTech, while FinLab and FinHub serve as a joint-value creation sandbox and FinTech startup congregator respectively. All in all, ATOS strives to help its clients innovate in spite of legacy systems that both prop and hold them down.

Saeed proceeds by proposing that attendees examine the FinTech industry from a meta-perspective. He stresses that there is much to be gained by drawing similarities between FinTech and existing industries. By observing how time impacts strategy processes and decisions, we may be able to find valuable insights on the FinTech industry where speed – service speed, operational speed, innovative speed – is a constant fixture.

Training at Atos Amstelveen March 28th, 2019

As the meeting draws to an end, James and Tze Yeen bring to the fore some of puzzling conundrums that they intend to academically dissect as PhD candidates of the project. James speaks passionately of exploring possible weaknesses and opportunities in relying on digital twinning for innovation in risk-based system. Tze Yeen, on the other hand, touches on deepening our current understanding on the factors behind successful fintech acquisitions. Phillip echoes Saeed’s opinion on the virtue of seeking inspiration from existing high tech industries, before synthesizing them with insights that we can derive from operations at ATOS and its partner FinTech hub in Frankfurt, TechQuartier.

Rick wraps up the meeting by summarising some of the main takeaways of the meeting, before following up with a proposed line of action. He expresses his appreciation to the floor for their valuable ideas and comments and to palpable excitement, announces the start of a company tour. Remco ushers attendees to its various parts of the company’s tech offices, where they were offered a chance to try the company’s ground-breaking VR headgear. As the day concludes, the attendees lean in for a group photo to commemorate the meeting before taking off to their respective destinations.

Training at Atos Amstelveen March 28th, 2019

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