All Fellows Onboard – First FINDER Symposium at Radboud University

A summary by Barbara Voelkl, PhD candidate FINDER program

On September 10th, the FINDER project team held its first symposium at Radboud University in Nijmegen. With all FINDER PhD fellows on board since beginning of the month, the meeting together with the partners from Atos as well as Radboud offered a valuable venue to get to know the whole team and detect possibilities for synergies.

The core project team at Radboud University

Remco Neuteboom, Atos Group Chief Digital Officer for Financial Services, started the symposium with an introductory lecture on Atos and its far-reaching history of M&As in the setting of the Corporate Strategy course at Radboud University. Understanding the challenges and opportunities in collaborations, among those mergers and acquisitions, builds a significant academic component within the FINDER program. Learning more about strategic deliberations from the practitioner’s side thus adds essential value for the FINDERs to develop practically relevant research proposals.

Intensive debates from academic and practical perspectives

Following up, Dr. Rick Aalbers and the PhD fellows, with the project team from Atos, dove deeper into more specific topics such as scaling, inorganic growth, technological governance and potential boundaries of FinTech networks. Ivo Luijendijk, Atos Group Industry Director Data Analytics and Emerging Technologies for Global Financial Services, shared contemporaneous insights from the Scientific Community of Atos and expressed the intent of a close cooperation with the PhD fellows. Following up, the team agreed on an update of the FINDER LinkedIn and website towards an active, informative platform intended for academics and practitioners likewise, so stay tuned!

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