Doctoral workshop hosted by FINDER at the the SMS Special Conference Berkeley “Designing the Future: Strategy, Technology, and Society in the 4th Industrial Revolution”

As part of the SMS Special Conference Berkeley “Designing the Future: Strategy, Technology, and Society in the 4th Industrial Revolution”, the Strategic Management Society will host a Doctoral Workshop on March 25th, 2020. This event is an initiative of the FINDER program and hosted by Rick Aalbers (Radboud), Saeed Khanagha (VU) and  Krsto Pandza (Univ Leeds). The main objectives of this Doctoral Workshop, focusing on strategy and innovation in a digital era, are to foster interaction among leading faculty scholars and doctoral students on various aspects of research and on preparing for a professional career in academia. The doctoral student participants will broaden their academic network with senior faculty from around the world and develop a better understanding of the particularities of the academic career.

The doctoral workshop will have an interactive intent and is open for doctoral students from across the globe interested in the Strategic collaboration domain and the role of Technology therein, so central to the FINDER objectives. Participants will be accepted through this application process.

During the first part of the workshop, as a doctoral student you will encounter senior faculty and other participating students to receive an initial response to your research proposal. In the second part, you will pitch your research, practicing to anticipate, critically reflect and nuance your contribution as part of the academic debate.  The objective is to strengthen and effectively position your research (e.g. the research question, the importance of the research gap, theoretical reasoning, and selection of target journals). Throughout the workshop, you will get a chance to present your work and engage in a constructive dialogue with senior faculty and your peers. The format of the workshop will be a combination of presentations by and interactive discussions with a panel of senior international faculty.

During the main SMS Berkley event dedicated to “Designing the Future: Strategy, Technology, and Society leading researchers in the field will bring their experience into the discussion to further develop participants’ insight into the key themes of this conference. The FINDER program is represented in this program as well as part of the sub plenary programming, including various a representation of the FINDER business and academic delegates serving as session hosts, participants and discussants.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor berkeley university"

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