FINDER hosts the SMS Berkeley digital phd workshop on Reshaping Firms in Digital Ecosystems: Designing the Future

Thursday, November 5, 2020 
18:00 CET (UTC + 1) / 09:00 PST (UTC –  7) 
Virtual Workshop on Zoom

This workshop was originally intended to take place during the SMS Special Conference in Berkeley “Designing the Future: Strategy, Technology, and Society in the 4th Industrial Revolution”, which was canceled due to COVID-19. However, as we all learn to adapt to the challenges presented by this health crisis, we are proud to offer you this workshop in a different and virtual format.

We relabeled the title to “Reshaping Firms in Digital Ecosystems: Designing the Future”.

With the rise of digital technologies, new demands and challenges have emerged that require the attention of practitioners and scholars alike. While the world has grown familiar with digital ecosystems as a platform for future growth, little is known still about the ways firms restructure, reshape, and adapt – proactively or reactively – in response to sudden disruption of the emergent digital ecosystems they are part of. The doctoral workshop will have an interactive intent and will also reflect on the impact of COVID-19 on strategy and innovation; how resilient are we when facing a crisis?  

The main objective of the Doctoral Workshop is to foster interaction among leading faculty scholars and doctoral students on various aspects of research and preparing for a professional career in academia. The doctoral student participants will be offered the opportunity to broaden their academic network with senior faculty from around the world and develop a better understanding of the particularities of the academic career. 

Leading researchers in the field brought their experience into the discussion to further develop participants’ insight into the key themes of this conference.

Participants will be able to pitch theirresearch, practicing to anticipate, critically reflect and nuance your contribution as part of the academic debate. The intent is to strengthen and effectively position your research (e.g. the research question, the importance of the research gap, theoretical reasoning, and selection of target journals). Throughout the workshop, they get a chance to present your work and engage in a constructive dialogue with senior faculty and peers.

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