SMS Extension Conference “Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies”

We are excited to share with you that registration is now available for an extension to the Strategic Management Society conference in London on “Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies” (September 16th)!

Together with Rick Aalbers (Radboud University, IMR) & Koen Heimeriks (Warwick Business School), we have put together an exciting full day program that touches upon various central aspects of corporate transformation and its underlying behavioral biases as strategy gets drafted and executed under transformative intent.

Technological disruption, digital innovations, and societal changes have pushed corporate transformation to top executive agendas. While this propels the importance of a firm’s propensity and ability to divest, acquire, and collaborate, behavioral biases can significantly implicate the decision making and implementation of these strategic tasks. This Extension highlights new insights and theories that shed light on how behavioral bias affect strategic decision making.

Under this theme we present the following inspiring set of speakers and discussants:

  • Phil Dunny, Managing Partner Ronald Berger London
  • Robert Hoskisson, George R. Brown Professor Emeritus of Management, Rice University
  • Francesco Castellaneta, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, SKEMA
  • Emilie R. Feldman, Michael L. Tarnopol Professor of Management, University of Pennsylvania
  • Chris Vialle, Partner Monitor Deloitte
  • Mark DesJardine, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Gerry McNamara, the McConnell Professor of Management, Michigan State University
  • Himanshu Vyas, Chief Strategy Officer, Atos, UK
  • Mario Schijven, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Illinois

Based on this speaker set we offer a full day program, that revolves around three distinct, yet intertwined themes across several sessions on behavioral biases in strategic tasks. With the intent to open up dialogue on the intersection between academia and practice. The event is open to seasoned practitioners and academics, as well as early PhD stage researchers as a foundation for future collaboration. Each of the sessions will showcase various angles on the initiation of and the responses to strategic tasks. Relative to the main (track) questions, a variety of panelists combining academic and practitioner backgrounds will discuss the characteristics of strategic decisions (to be) made, as well as the behavioral characteristics of management relative to those of other active stakeholders to the decision making and implementation process will be scrutinized.

At the end of the day, a social event will be hosted at one of the London Pubs to offer a great final experience to all participants.

We hope you will join us in September for this thought-provoking event that couples academia and practice on corporate strategy level. Details and registration information can be found here.

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