Co-designing community solutions

On Monday October 10th, 2022 Dr. Remco Mannak (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Organization Studies) presented his new research: “Citizen acceptance of co-designed public sector innovation”. Co-designing community solutions is an interesting topic given the FINDER scoping, especially for our Early Stage Researchers, e.g. Ms Ami Xioalei Wang, who studies the Effective strategies and policies for enhanced social payoff, during and after digital transformation.

Seminar by Dr Remco Mannak

Dr. Mannak studies under what conditions organizations form and persists inter-organizational relationships and how these collaborations affect the performance of both individual organizations and joint consortia. He particularly focuses on the timing of (repeated) collaborations in relation to dynamics at the inter-organizational network level.

During this inspiring seminar, Dr. Mannak introduced a novel lens to examine the different roles of participants in spurring innovations to overcome some of its greatest challenges in the public sector. After the presentation, a lively discussion evolved between Dr. Remco Mannak and the PhD students of Nijmegen School of Management on the current research trend in strategic management.

By FINDER ESR Ms Ami Xiaolei Wang

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