Remember how back in the day the FINDER ESRs each defined the ever evolving term “Fintech”? Feel encouraged to refresh your memory here. You will find a broad set of varying interpretations, one just as valuable as the other.

Curious to see if their interpretation changed in the course of these past years? Or more importantly, what conclusions they derive from these varying interpretations and their own research in particular? All will be revealed in the much anticipated FINDER eBook – a compilation of the ESRs’ research results, conclusions derived and policy implications.

Before its release though, let’s lift just a tiny tip of the veil.

What does the broad set of definitions on one of the core phenomenon under observation under the research scoping of the FINDER project mean? It means that there is ample leeway for exploration. It also means in terms of direct implications for central bank policy as well as for new fintech’s scouting for scaling momentum, that there are many organizational ad stakeholder leavers to take note of when charting a future course of direction. Well-established financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, ING and Barclays, coexist with small players that have still to reach a national platform or are even still operating in underground modus as they scout for the right moment to take off.  And how do big tech companies such as Google, Meta Platforms Inc. and Atos lean into this landscape? We’ll set off with some reflection to set the scene for such analytical reflections.

We’ll keep you posted on the development and publication of the FINDER eBook on this website. So stay tuned for more.

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