Ecosystem dynamics: Understanding dominance andcentrality in innovative ecosystems

Imagine a pond in a forest: mosquitoes lay eggs in the water; some are eaten by tadpoles; the frogs they grow into are hunted by foxes, which in turn are the mosquitoes’ prey, etc. Each have critical interdependencies; yet, which is the dominant organism? What even is dominance, anyway?

In an opinion paper that Ivo Luijendijk and S. James Ellis wrote for Atos and the FINDER Project, they grapple with these questions in innovation ecosystems contexts, where they argue that the same complexity exists. In this setting, though, it’s more than just a thought experiment: real strategic decisions can be made to achieve, exert, recover, and lose dominance; this, in turn, can make or break a business’ short-, medium-, and long-term viability and that of its interdependent partners.

You can read the opinion and summary strategic insights here; feel free to share your thoughts via LinkedIn or get in touch.

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