FINDER Start-Up Weekend

The FINDER Start-Up Weekend is a two-day bootcamp mainly for idea-stage entrepreneurs to run their business plan across a panel of industry experts and consumers from a wide variety of backgrounds – Phillips, Atos, self-starter serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and more. The panel will ask critical questions, provide networking recommendations, and generally weigh in with their experience, research, and opinions as consumers to assist the entrepreneurs in taking their ventures to the next stage.

Entrepreneurs will be expected to show up with media – videos, posters, slide decks, or anything else that best communicates the mission – and an enthusiasm to discuss their current and short-term future challenges.

Please use this form to register your interest in attending as an entrepreneur. You may attend the weekend with up to two other representatives of your venture. Registration is free of cost, but there will be a selection for the ten most promising registrants. Forms with missing or vague information will be discarded and ignored.

To register interest as an informed public member, please send your contact information and a <150 word motivation statement here.