SMS Extension Conference: ‘Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies’

Today marks the beginning of the FINDER Final Conference, as the SMS Extension Conference on ‘Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies’ just started!

Hosted by Atos London, we will discuss the intriguing theme of ‘Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies’. With a keynote speaker and panelist set of prominent and outspoken individuals from both academia and practice,  today promises to be inspirational on various fronts. Sessions revolve around original examples, new insights and evolving theories that shed light on how behavioral bias affect strategic decision making. Hence we are touching upon a phenomenon that can significantly implicate strategic decision making and implementation of strategic tasks.

The day’s set-up is geared towards an interactive format, so all participants’ expertise and experience will undoubtedly turn this into a very valuable happening!

We believe to have put together an exciting program with inspirational speakers, recapped here for your convenience.

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