Strategic Management Conference

The Extension Conference and the Conference themselves have been fruitful for broadening the FINDER PhDs’ topical scopes.

The PhDs had the opportunity to attend a wide variety of SMS sessions as part of the broader conference, such as Ecosystem Value Creation Outside the Boundaries of the Firm, When Strategy Processes Go (Partially) Virtual, and various paper development workshops aimed towards honing dissertation chapters.

Dr. Rick Aalbers provides opening words in the Behavioral Biases in Strategic Tasks session.

Members of the FINDER team Dr. Rick Aalbers, Dr. Koen Heimeriks (Warwick University), and Jonas Röttger were joined by Deirdre Coveney (Warwick University) hosted a packed session on Behavioral Biases in Strategic Tasks, building onto Friday’s session mentioned above, which hosted some of the same panelists: Dr. Francesco Castellaneta, Dr. Robert Hoskisson, Dr. Gerry McNamara, and Dr. Mario Schijven.

Additionally, Jonas Röttger presented the paper (Behavioral Signal Sets in Acquisition Announcements and Market Reaction: The Moderating Role of Impression Management) he’s coauthoring with his supervisors in Monday morning’s conference session, The Antecedents of Mergers and Acquisitions.

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