After all the hard work is done

London, Friday September 16th, 2022

After a full day of inspirational presentations and lively discussions on the intriguing theme of ‘Behavioral Biases and Corporate Transformation Strategies’,  it was time to unwind. The FINDER team and all participants in the SMS Extension Conference gathered in the interesting historic pub “The Cittie of Yorke” for drinks and social networking.

Team members cheering on the success of the conference

Fun fact: The Cittie of Yorke is situated on London’s High Holborn. The current building is a rebuilding of the 1920s, but it is said that buildings on this site have been pubs since as early as 1430. Some features include the Henekey’s long bar located in the grand, which happens to be the longest pub in England, and Victorian-style cubicles.

The Cittie of Yorke is also famous because Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas is alleged to have written a poem named for the bar. The top of the poem reads “This little song was written in Henneky’s Long Bar High Holborn by Dylan Thomas in 1951.” The “song”, about the threat of a fabulous new hostelry run by “Mr Watts-Ewers / (Licensed to sell / Beer, wine and spirits / And tobacco as well)” was scribbled on the reverse of headed notepaper for the Apollo Society, a poetry and concert society whose original members included Peggy Ashcroft, Stephen Spender and Cecil Day-Lewis, and for which Thomas gave readings.

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