Ecosystem dynamics – in fintech? for real? yes for real

Cooperation between fintechs and incumbent financial institutions has become a main – if not the default – innovation strategy for the financial services industry. Pushed by developments in technology (data, digital), society (rise of the digital native generations) and regulations (PSD2/Open Finance, GDPR/data and privacy protection), banks and insurers needed to rethink the way they handle their client expectations, their workforce and the data they have available. As a result, innovation in isolation is hardly a viable model any longer, yet working with partners causes challenges of its own regarding information access, business model alignment and the general direction of the change in question. In fact, the central question behind these challenges emerges to be: What are the ecosystem dynamics, in terms of dominance and centrality?

This paper coauthored by James Ellis and Ivo Luyendijk – both FINDER tribe – explores this question in three viewpoints, related to three strategies to follow for inclusive innovation in business ecosystems. A read through provides for further understanding of the notions of ecosystem dominance and centrality in -fintech infused- innovative ecosystems.

Check it out in full detail here:

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