Academy of Management 2023 in Boston

Here we come. Or at least that summarizes the ambition of various of the FINDER ESRs as various of them submitted to this years prime management conference to be held in Boston. Where last year showcased work in progress by Jonas Roettger (see image for the track partaken), this year offer a whole new round of working papers to be trial tested in peer review for participation.

One of the topics Ami Wang has been working on recently with such Boston ambition is THE INTERPLAY OF COOPERATION AND COMPETITION IN VENTURE CAPITAL SYNDICATION ON START-UP ACQUISITION EXIT. Drawing on embeddedness theory, her work explores the role of Venture Capitalists’ prior competitive and collaborative relationships on their start-up’s exit strategies. Evidently a relevant topic when it comes to fostering for collaborative innovation, such as the FINDER ambition is – targeting the Fintech domain. Embedded in the broader literature on Venture Capital syndication, the argument goes that VC partners’ prior cooperation and competition experience affects the success of their start-up’s acquisition exit.

In parallel work on managerial bias in strategic decision making and work on corporate divestitures has been put to the AOM test – so let’s soon find out how things land in the international academic community. Updates to follow as the work gets presented in period to come.

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